Personal Statement

Cat-shaped Wordcloud based on personal statement The image above is a wordcloud based on the word frequency in the personal statement that I used for promotion—my career in feline form.

I was inspired by my colleague Francesca Giannetti’s post about the personal statement she used for her !successful! tenure applicaton at Rutgers. In her post, she discusses the benefit to be gained from sharing one’s own articulation of how one has built a professional identity in a new area of services. In her case, that is digital humanities. In mine, that would be data librarianship, which I entered upon in 2008 in a career turn from business librarianship. Covering my data work from 2008 to 2018, it can provide some insight into the decisions and adaptations I made during the period of data librarianship’s emergence. It is also perhaps the best single encapsulation of what my career has been about, at least up to that time.

While it is certainly not perfect, and many would argue that it is too long, I humbly offer up my own personal statement from 2018, which led to, or at least did not put the kibosh on, my promotion to Librarian I (Full Professor equivalent) at Rutgers in 2019.


My personal statement