The Central Asia and Mongolia Data Portal

  • A project by Ryan Womack (editor) and Aizada Arystanbek (contributor)
  • collecting quantitative and qualitative resources highlighting regional data from local sources on gender issues that may otherwise be suppressed

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The site was unveiled at the IASSIST 2023 Annual Conference.

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The Central Asia and Mongolia Gender Data Portal (CAMGDP) is designed to assist scholars, academics, activists, students, and other citizens in finding gender-related data on the countries of Central Asia and Mongolia. The portal compiles quantitative and qualitative data sources, informational websites, media publications, and organizations of various levels ranging from the international to the local that work in Kazakhstan, Kyrgzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Why Gender Data?

International data may highlight gender issues, but is limited. The region’s own official sources often are without a gender lens. Information on minoritized populations or othered gender and sexual preferences may be suppressed, covered only outside of the mainstream. This portal attempts to bridge this gap. Gender itself intersects with education, health, economic outcomes, and many other dimensions of interest to researchers.

Why Central Asia and Mongolia?

Home to 80 million people, these countries share a common heritage as post-Soviet states and linguistic and cultural background from the Turkic and Mongolian nomadic empires that shaped their history. Since independence, they have attempted to recover their cultural heritage under changing economic models, a process that can be particularly gendered as well.


To provide a guide for non-violent knowledge production on Central Asia and Mongolia. Our portal prioritizes local initiatives and grassroots organizations, with context on data quality and availability. We hope to develop a tool for collaborative and egalitarian research with Central Asian and Mongolian communities that respects local knowledge.


CAMGDP is under active development. Collection of information on Kazakhstan began in summer 2022, along with prototyping of the website. Research on Uzbekistan will be conducted in summer 2023. CAMGDP is built with Hugo and the Docsy template on AWS S3+CloudFront, with support for multiple languages and tag schema.


Contributor - Aizada Arystanbek, Doctoral Student in Sociology

Aizada Arystanbek

Editor - Ryan Womack, Data Librarian, New Brunswick Libraries

Portrait of Ryan Womack by B. Ganchimeg

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